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Meet Chris

Mr. Christopher Jaramillo has been a resident of the Greater Norristown Area for over a decade. He currently holds a Master of Science in Education from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. Chris firmly believes that education unlocks hidden potential within any and everyone. As a current Federal Employee, Mr. Jaramillo expands his capacity as an educator by informing and extending assistance to those in desperate need. Chris currently serves as a Board Director for the Norristown Area School District. He is the co-leader of the Movement for Black and Brown Lives of Montgomery County. Additionally, Chris serves as an Executive Board Member for the Hispanic Heritage Association and the Greater Norristown N.A.A.C.P.

His most notable work within the Norristown N.A.A.C.P. was his contribution in revitalizing the chapter's membership by engaging individuals of all ages, especially younger generations. Mr. Jaramillo developed a completely electronic system which offered itself to easing, and almost automating, the responsibilities of Membership Chair while providing a memorable membership experience through the orientation course he created and facilitated. Additionally, Mr. Jaramillo created and expanded the online footprint for the chapter through various social media sites with the goal of providing access for the community to reach the Norristown Branch in a virtual space.

Christopher's qualifications for School Board Director derives from his experience as an educator in the K-12 and collegiate settings, his activism in the Greater Norristown community and across Montgomery County, and, most importantly, his role as a father. His work in educational advocacy is heavily rooted in a local context and is evident by his continued involvement in many organizations focused on racial and social justice.

Our future is our young scholars and if we do not equip our youth with the necessary tools needed to prepare them for 21st century challenges, then we have ultimately failed them. Mr. Jaramillo is running for school board to continue the work of ensuring equity and inclusion for all NASD students so that our young scholars are equipped with the necessary tools. Mr. Jaramillo is committed to extending his experience and work in advocacy in his role as School Board Director.





Christopher Jaramillo intends to develop an Educational Equity policy that

  1. dismantles institutional barriers that perpetuate inequitable outcomes

  2. promotes access and opportunities that benefit every student

Additional focus will be undertaken to provide the necessary supports to teachers and administrators such as implementing Evidenced-Based Practices (EBP's) along with Trauma-Informed Teaching in the classroom and the hiring and retention of a diverse educator workforce. With the adoption of these practices, not only will Teacher-Pupil relationships thrive but so will student achievement; resulting in an more equitable education for the scholars.



Our community has a wealth of social and cultural capital. That capital is crucial in helping move our district forward and should be included during every step of the way. To make sure we do, Christopher will establish a Latinx Advisory Council led by researchers and analysts from the Center for Culture, Arts, Technology, and Education (C-CATE), advising school board members of issues impacting the Latinx community and providing policy solutions, through participatory research methods and viable data.



Christopher Jaramillo believes that in order to prepare our young scholars for the global economy, the curriculum utilized by Norristown Area School District should be revisited and adopted to match the diversity that exists in today's age while providing the rigor necessary to challenge our youth and provide them with opportunities to excel.


Over 30 languages are spoken within our communities and with the incredible amount of cultural capital that exists in our district Chris supports a multilingual framework of learning. This framework will ensure that the English language is mastered while ensuring our scholars master other global languages; a mutual benefit for both our brilliant scholars and our vibrant community.




Contact votechrisj@gmail.com or call 484.808.2846 to obtain more information


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